Add some therapy to this Holiday (7 Essential oils for your Home)


The Holidays are my favorite time of the year, but can also become the most stressful….IF you allow them to be. If you’re like me your home is your sanctuary, an escape from the chaos and a place where I can re-center and truly enjoy the meaning of the Holiday season. My at home rituals are all about candles, cozy throws and essential oils. Essential oils are the highest concentration liquid from a plant and can create a very clean, uplifting and zen environment.  Here are my favorite 7 essential oils to add to your oil burners or a few drops on the top of your favorite candle…

  1. Clove
  2. Sweet Orange
  3. Rosemaryherbs
  4. Peppermint
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Ginger
  7. Lavender

If this seems too overwhelming Essential Oil blends might be the right vibe for you…

House Warming Blend – Saje

Orange: Sweet, Relaxing

Vanilla: Sweetens the mind, warm, cozy

Cedar wood: helps you feel connected to the earth and grounded. Light & woodsysaje2                       saje3

Peppermint Twist Blend- Saje

Peppermint: Stimulating, uplifting, helps with breathing

Benzoin: calming

Orange: sweet, relaxing

Don’t have a diffuser for your oils?


Aroma Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser- Mountain Rose Herbs


Ceramic Diffuser Black- Mountain Rose Herbs

Check out Your Best Digs for helpful reviews and even more selections on picking the right essential oil diffuser for your home!

What are your favorite Essential Oils? Share the Vibe #VineandOakTribe or comment below

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