5 minutes of Meditation a Day (Items to help create your sacred place)


Our day-to-day activities constantly drain us, absorb every ounce of energy we have…leaving us feeling lethargic by nightfall. Stress is one of the top contributing factors to disease, muscle/joint pain and lets face it a disintegration of your zen! So in a world of chaos one must find time, at least 5 minutes to zone out, clear your mind, re-center and re-boot so you are a better version of yourself…

5 minutes and 5 helpful tips to create your sacred place no matter where you are in the world

1. Pack your oils! I’m like a gypsy(laughing) with my bag of oils, but they save me from headaches, anxiety from traveling, tummy pain, sleeping- they are my go to anytime I need to re-set my mind. Lets face it oils have been used for centuries as medicinal properties, so why not get back to the root of healing.


Doterra Breathe


2. Pillows: If you’re home find a spot in your house where you can collect your favorite pillows and use those as your cushion haven. Snuggle in sitting legs crossed or on your back(or however you are comfortable) & begin to direct your mind to a place that gives you relaxation and ease. When I travel my hotel bed becomes my spot or a chair by a window. Turn off the TV, put on a song or relaxing meditation music and float away.


3. Playlist: On my phone I have a ton of playlists…workout, dance, mellow vibes, spa music and my meditation mix. So no matter where I am…at work, on a plane, the car, the grocery store I can pop in my ear buds and instantly be somewhere else…What’s special is you can customize your own meditation story, for no one else to appreciate but yourself!

4. Tea: There are so many tea’s out there to calm and re-center your mind. Always have a few of your favorite tea bags with you when you travel or at work. And enjoy the ritual of drinking tea, they all have sensory aromas in them…take a deep breath and enjoy!


5: Your sacred item: For some this could be a prayer stone, a crystal, a piece of jewelry or for me….a scarf. I love to have a piece of fabric for when I make contact it transports me to a space of relaxation, safety, warmth and home. This is very personal so only you know what that item is. It could be a picture as well you carry with you. Your favorite location, a person in your life, a saying….again this is something only you know its worth.

You can choose one of these items or combine them all and have the ultimate meditation experience…no excuses…we put our bodies, our mind and spirit through so much everyday- our body deserves at least 5 minutes for itself….HAPPY MEDITATING!

Share your meditation tips #VineandOakTribe

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