5 ways to transform your home from everyday living to Holiday Haven


The Holidays are here and nothing more excites me than decorating my home for Christmas-on a budget! So how do you take what you already have and mix in some new finds? I turned to my friends at Bliss Interiors to help me transform my home from my everyday lifestyle to a Holiday Haven.

At Vine and Oak we love hearing about the Journey of those we meet so lets first get to know my designer guru’s Fiona and Donica from Bliss Interiors


Hi,  We are Bliss Interiors, also known as Fiona and Donica… We are first cousins and friends with a love of homes and decorating! We have loved home décor for as long as we can remember and decided that it was time we took something we were passionate about and make it into a career.
List of Services:

*Home Decorating: This is a completely customizable service and there is no project too small or too big for that matter. We start with a consultation to discover what our clients wants/needs are and go from there!

*Home Staging: Getting homes ready to be listed for sale. This is the complete opposite of Decorating because we are neutralizing your home so that when a buyer walks in they can envision themselves living there, make an offer and buy your home!

*We also offer organization, refinishing furniture and personal shopping.

Top 5 Ways to Re-Stage your Home for the Holidays

We love decorating for the holidays! Probably our favorite thing to do is bargain shop so we have some pretty great budget friendly decorating tips. A little back story before we get started.  Donica lives with her boyfriend Joe in a pretty small studio apartment so one of her big challenges is that she is working with a small space. Fiona lives in a 3 bedroom home with her soon to be hubby, Jon her 2 boys Landon and Dean and our 70lb pup Jaxon.. her biggest challenge is that there is almost always running and throwing happening in the house. So now that you’ve learned a little bit about us, let’s get to the list!

1) We are all about the Flocked Tree this year…. It gives the tree a little more depth and can add some dimension and texture as well. With the flocking you can go a little simpler with the ornaments and just enjoy the simplicity of the tree with some pretty white lights. Donica bought one last year on clearance and was so excited to put it up. Fiona had a free tree she got as a hand me down last year so she decided to DIY her flock tree. Tutorial will be up on the blog soon!


Painted Fox Home

2) Garland! We are feeling the laid back, all natural vibe this year. Donica did a great DIY wooden bead garland that we will post up on the blog soon. We also love the idea of using felt balls, pom poms or even popcorn! You can get really creative with this one and its something fun project for little ones too!

hearth and hand


3) Extra blankets. For. The. Win. I mean more snuggle time is always a plus. Probably my only favorite thing about winter. Also, blankets give so much texture to rooms and just give a great cozy feel to any room in your home. We love anything fuzzy, large knits, soft colors and patterns.


Pottery Barn

4) Artwork is a great one for small spaces. Use nails/ hooks you already have in your wall and you can swap out your current artwork with holiday inspired wood signs or canvas art. Or if you’re really ambitious you can take picture frames and put pieces of plaid fabric or holiday print outs.



5) Color themes. What ever colors you decide to use just make sure to keep it cohesive. In other words picking 3 to 4 colors and using them repetitively is a great way to get the most out of your color scheme. Our favorite this year is Light and Airy.. the flocked tree we talked about earlier gives a lot of texture and fullness so you don’t need much color. We kept it very soft by choosing colors that were very muted like; champagne, mauve, burlap and some touches of plaid.

painted fox

Painted Fox Home



Most of all remember to slow down and enjoy the holiday season… curl up a little longer. Disconnect from the outside noise and love your loved ones a little extra.


Fiona & Donica

Share with us your favorite decorating tips to make your home a little extra cozy this Holiday season! #VineandOakTribe


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