Yummy Eats and Stylish Vibes (My favorite spots across the U.S.)


My career as a Makeup Artist and my love for adventure has taken me all over the United States to discover some of my favorite eateries. Not only do they have yummy food, stylish vibes and cozy nooks…they have incredible adventure and scenery right in their neighborhood! Our first spot is right in my hood, I welcome you to the great(and very cold right now) North East!




100% all Organic Fast Food located in Florida and Middletown, CT at Wesleyan University Bookstore. Started by NBA Player Ray Allen and his wife Sharon offering sustainable, 100% organic fast food that’s so delicious and containing no harsh preservatives, GMO’s, hormones or processed sugars



Oxford Exchange


When I first walked into the Oxford Exchange my mind and soul were singing! It’s vibe is beyond anything you may expect and the food is just as incredible. You can eat, shop, enjoy some coffee…I mean even the bathroom is beautiful! A must visit when in the Tampa Bay area! And sidenote…order the Affogato( if you know me thats one of my favorite treats) you can thank me later!



Restore Cold Pressed


In the past several years thanks to Lebron James returning to the Cleveland Cavs and the Indians in the World Series my adventures to Cleveland have been plentiful! And when you’re on the road you need to refuel your immune system with the best concoctions! Restore has the best Cold Press Juice in town and order their Avocado Toast or a Acai Bowl…my mouth is watering!



Nekter Juice Bar


Welcome to my top favorite spots in the U.S…..Scottsdale, Arizona! I grew up about 90 min north of here so ok, ya im totally bias. BUT If you’ve never been to Scottsdale you need to go! And stop at my favorite Juice and Smoothie bar to fuel up for your adventures! My fav, the Health Nut and be sure to grab their protein balls for an afternoon snack.





Oh Laguna….surf, sand, sun and smoothies! When you walk into Thrive you instantly feel healthy with its relaxed Cali vibe and the smell of organic fruits and veggies. You cant go wrong with anything you order(ive ordered them all) and their protein balls are the best ive had!



Finch and Fork


Santa Barbara has some sort of magic about it that makes you wanting more…And Finch and Fork holds true to that vibe. The ambiance is a mix of old world and new….be sure to save room for dessert because their Fire Roasted Milk Shake will have you losing your mind!!!



New Day Eatery


If when in Seattle you must venture over to Olympic National Park area and stumble across a little town of Port Angeles. I spent several days hiking the majestic mountains and shorelines of Washington and New Day Eatery was my go to destination every morning! Make sure to order their Potato Rounds to go with a little Siracha Ketchup-im about to get on a plane just for those Potato Rounds!

a new day eatery


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Happy Eating!!!!


5 ways to transform your home from everyday living to Holiday Haven


The Holidays are here and nothing more excites me than decorating my home for Christmas-on a budget! So how do you take what you already have and mix in some new finds? I turned to my friends at Bliss Interiors to help me transform my home from my everyday lifestyle to a Holiday Haven.

At Vine and Oak we love hearing about the Journey of those we meet so lets first get to know my designer guru’s Fiona and Donica from Bliss Interiors


Hi,  We are Bliss Interiors, also known as Fiona and Donica… We are first cousins and friends with a love of homes and decorating! We have loved home décor for as long as we can remember and decided that it was time we took something we were passionate about and make it into a career.
List of Services:

*Home Decorating: This is a completely customizable service and there is no project too small or too big for that matter. We start with a consultation to discover what our clients wants/needs are and go from there!

*Home Staging: Getting homes ready to be listed for sale. This is the complete opposite of Decorating because we are neutralizing your home so that when a buyer walks in they can envision themselves living there, make an offer and buy your home!

*We also offer organization, refinishing furniture and personal shopping.

Top 5 Ways to Re-Stage your Home for the Holidays

We love decorating for the holidays! Probably our favorite thing to do is bargain shop so we have some pretty great budget friendly decorating tips. A little back story before we get started.  Donica lives with her boyfriend Joe in a pretty small studio apartment so one of her big challenges is that she is working with a small space. Fiona lives in a 3 bedroom home with her soon to be hubby, Jon her 2 boys Landon and Dean and our 70lb pup Jaxon.. her biggest challenge is that there is almost always running and throwing happening in the house. So now that you’ve learned a little bit about us, let’s get to the list!

1) We are all about the Flocked Tree this year…. It gives the tree a little more depth and can add some dimension and texture as well. With the flocking you can go a little simpler with the ornaments and just enjoy the simplicity of the tree with some pretty white lights. Donica bought one last year on clearance and was so excited to put it up. Fiona had a free tree she got as a hand me down last year so she decided to DIY her flock tree. Tutorial will be up on the blog soon!


Painted Fox Home

2) Garland! We are feeling the laid back, all natural vibe this year. Donica did a great DIY wooden bead garland that we will post up on the blog soon. We also love the idea of using felt balls, pom poms or even popcorn! You can get really creative with this one and its something fun project for little ones too!

hearth and hand


3) Extra blankets. For. The. Win. I mean more snuggle time is always a plus. Probably my only favorite thing about winter. Also, blankets give so much texture to rooms and just give a great cozy feel to any room in your home. We love anything fuzzy, large knits, soft colors and patterns.


Pottery Barn

4) Artwork is a great one for small spaces. Use nails/ hooks you already have in your wall and you can swap out your current artwork with holiday inspired wood signs or canvas art. Or if you’re really ambitious you can take picture frames and put pieces of plaid fabric or holiday print outs.



5) Color themes. What ever colors you decide to use just make sure to keep it cohesive. In other words picking 3 to 4 colors and using them repetitively is a great way to get the most out of your color scheme. Our favorite this year is Light and Airy.. the flocked tree we talked about earlier gives a lot of texture and fullness so you don’t need much color. We kept it very soft by choosing colors that were very muted like; champagne, mauve, burlap and some touches of plaid.

painted fox

Painted Fox Home



Most of all remember to slow down and enjoy the holiday season… curl up a little longer. Disconnect from the outside noise and love your loved ones a little extra.


Fiona & Donica

Share with us your favorite decorating tips to make your home a little extra cozy this Holiday season! #VineandOakTribe


The Glam Life of a Makeup Artist (Life, Lipsticks + Lupus)

Inspiring Others

In 2007 I had been currently working with L’Oreal Paris for a few years when I came to meet fellow Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis She was vibrant, full of life, oh so Glam and one of the warmest humans I had ever met. We kicked it off instantly and spent the next several years traveling together dolling up talent at Sundance Film Festivals, VIP Events and everything in between( I can hear the Beyonce music playing Brandy)….I was amazed at someone with her resume( The Kardashians, Kerry Washington, NBA All Stars, Brad Pitt…the incredible list goes on!) was so grounded and humble. Now if you are anyone in the entertainment Industry you know these beings of humility are very hard to come by, but when you do meet them it’s like a breath of fresh air!

nba-makeup-artist-brandy-gomez-duplessis-from-connecticut                                    kimandbrandy

Her Story has many layers….Hurricane Katrina Survivor, Wife, Mother, Talented Makeup Artist, entrepreneur, Blogger and while wearing all these hats she lives everyday fighting RA, Lyme Disease and Lupus. All Autoimmune Diseases that make the Glam Life of a Makeup Artist, traveling around the country and being present at home for her family a day-to-day struggle.

I throughly remember one our last years working Sundance Film Festival together, it was a few days into the event…long hours and many days ahead. Brandy’s hands started to cramp up, shooting pain up and down her arm and for a Makeup Artist that is their worst fear. How can you perform your craft if your hands are immobile? I asked what was wrong and she replied ” just a little arthritis baby girl don’t worry.” That’s Brandy, game face and “the show must go on” kind of attitude. She later would discover through many tests, exhausted days and putting her career on hold she was fighting more than just a little arthritis.

Yet no matter the struggle she conquers every day with such energy, positivity and the right shade of lipstick to prove to us all no matter how hard your body is fighting against you, you must never give up on the journey!


Brandy shared her journey with Vine and Oak + what inspires her to push on….

V&O: Describe who you are and your journey

Brandy: (laughing) Who Am I? Wow, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a lot of things. I’m a wife, a mother of 2 adult kids, a makeup artist who has been in the beauty and entertainment industry for 21 years. You have seen my work in magazines, on TV, at concerts, billboards, you name it. I’m an entrepreneur, a business owner, a blogger, an influencer, a writer, a speaker, a mentor, and a survivor of Lupus, Lyme and RA. Because my life journey has been a plentiful I have decided to finally write a book about it. To give you a quick rundown of who Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is, my parents are from Honduras, we moved around a lot, so I learned to adjust at a very young age and to read people from a distant, (laughing). I build my life chapter in New York, Florida and mostly New Orleans. In NOLA, I owned a total of 3 makeup studios and lost them due to natural disasters. I rebuilt my life 3 times due to hurricanes, so I now know the blueprint on how to do it successfully. In 2010 I moved back to NY because of my career in the entertainment industry and then in 2012 I moved to CT. This is where my life came to a complete stop. My Lupus & RA flared and never stopped then in 2015 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I had to take 1.5- 2 years off to deal with my health and this is when I fell in love with writing. I needed a way to deal with my new lifestyle and writing about it was the best way for me as I was in & out of the hospital. Slowly, I was able to maintain and started to rebuild myself as brand. The first thing I had to learn was to say NO, I learned what friendship really was, and my caregivers (my husband & kids) became my reason to fight. I still must use my breathing machine at least 3 times a week, I lost my sense of smell and taste and I now use an inhaler everyday sometimes twice a day. In 2016, I met my business partner Johnny Luoma and we started Makeup & Martini’s a video makeup blog where we review everything beauty and in November of this year we launched Entitled Beauty, a mineral based makeup line.

V&O: Who Inspires you?

B: Women and kids with any type of life challenges inspire me. These are people who must fight and struggle everyday and I personally know what that feels like. So, when I see kids with health issues fight to have one more day that touches me to not dare to complain about what I’m going through. My mom always told me that as a child I always cheer for the underdog. But, I’m inspired by fighters, and warriors. They don’t portray themselves as victims they work hard to get through each day and as we all know life nowadays is not always easy.

V&O: What is your (1) ritual everyday you do to re-center yourself?

B: I have very long work days with a very long To Do List so everyday I take some time for myself and I just find a spot anywhere and just sit and close my eyes. I turn off the phone, turn off the music and just sit and close my eyes. It doesn’t matter if it’s for 10 mins to 1 hour I have a ME time. I turn off and if I don’t my body will shut down instantly. If I’m driving I find a spot park under a tree and just relax.

V&O: What is your biggest fear/struggle in life?

B: My biggest struggle is getting through my busy day. A lot of people share with me that I make it look easy with everything that I do. But what they don’t know is how hard I struggle to do it. It doesn’t matter the task it can be from being at home preparing and cooking dinner, to washing clothes, to commuting by train to the city. It’s a struggle! I never complain especially when I’m working because I don’t want anyone to think I cannot do it or that I won’t give them great services. I find that I give 300 % when I’m on set. Because I never want a client to think I can’t handle it. And I’ve been like that for years before I even shared with anyone my health challenges.

V&O: What do you hope for in the future?

B: My only hope for myself in the future is for my health to go into remission. I pray and ask God for that every day. I want to see my kids be successful in their careers and I want to just mature comfortably with my husband somewhere in a warm climate state.

V&O: If you had to visit one place you haven’t been to where would it be & why?

B: Phuket, Thailand would be a perfect location for me to get away and be at peace. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company and if I’m looking for a perfect location I want few people just me in nature. Phuket has one of the most amazing rainforest and beautiful clear water on their beaches. Their seafood like King Prawn and Mussels are my favorite dishes. And to be surrounded around beautiful exotic flowers all day what else does a girl need for a perfect location.


V&O: Use (1) word to describe what you have learned from your journey

B: Fighter

V&O: Pick (1) song to offer you motivation

B: Destiny’s Child “I’m A Survivor”

To Learn More about Brandy + follow her journey visit

Glam Life of a Makeup Artist

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Makeup and Martinis

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