Yummy Eats and Stylish Vibes (My favorite spots across the U.S.)


My career as a Makeup Artist and my love for adventure has taken me all over the United States to discover some of my favorite eateries. Not only do they have yummy food, stylish vibes and cozy nooks…they have incredible adventure and scenery right in their neighborhood! Our first spot is right in my hood, I welcome you to the great(and very cold right now) North East!




100% all Organic Fast Food located in Florida and Middletown, CT at Wesleyan University Bookstore. Started by NBA Player Ray Allen and his wife Sharon offering sustainable, 100% organic fast food that’s so delicious and containing no harsh preservatives, GMO’s, hormones or processed sugars



Oxford Exchange


When I first walked into the Oxford Exchange my mind and soul were singing! It’s vibe is beyond anything you may expect and the food is just as incredible. You can eat, shop, enjoy some coffee…I mean even the bathroom is beautiful! A must visit when in the Tampa Bay area! And sidenote…order the Affogato( if you know me thats one of my favorite treats) you can thank me later!



Restore Cold Pressed


In the past several years thanks to Lebron James returning to the Cleveland Cavs and the Indians in the World Series my adventures to Cleveland have been plentiful! And when you’re on the road you need to refuel your immune system with the best concoctions! Restore has the best Cold Press Juice in town and order their Avocado Toast or a Acai Bowl…my mouth is watering!



Nekter Juice Bar


Welcome to my top favorite spots in the U.S…..Scottsdale, Arizona! I grew up about 90 min north of here so ok, ya im totally bias. BUT If you’ve never been to Scottsdale you need to go! And stop at my favorite Juice and Smoothie bar to fuel up for your adventures! My fav, the Health Nut and be sure to grab their protein balls for an afternoon snack.





Oh Laguna….surf, sand, sun and smoothies! When you walk into Thrive you instantly feel healthy with its relaxed Cali vibe and the smell of organic fruits and veggies. You cant go wrong with anything you order(ive ordered them all) and their protein balls are the best ive had!



Finch and Fork


Santa Barbara has some sort of magic about it that makes you wanting more…And Finch and Fork holds true to that vibe. The ambiance is a mix of old world and new….be sure to save room for dessert because their Fire Roasted Milk Shake will have you losing your mind!!!



New Day Eatery


If when in Seattle you must venture over to Olympic National Park area and stumble across a little town of Port Angeles. I spent several days hiking the majestic mountains and shorelines of Washington and New Day Eatery was my go to destination every morning! Make sure to order their Potato Rounds to go with a little Siracha Ketchup-im about to get on a plane just for those Potato Rounds!

a new day eatery


Share with us your favorite Eateries across the U.S. #VineandOakTribe

Happy Eating!!!!


5 minutes of Meditation a Day (Items to help create your sacred place)


Our day-to-day activities constantly drain us, absorb every ounce of energy we have…leaving us feeling lethargic by nightfall. Stress is one of the top contributing factors to disease, muscle/joint pain and lets face it a disintegration of your zen! So in a world of chaos one must find time, at least 5 minutes to zone out, clear your mind, re-center and re-boot so you are a better version of yourself…

5 minutes and 5 helpful tips to create your sacred place no matter where you are in the world

1. Pack your oils! I’m like a gypsy(laughing) with my bag of oils, but they save me from headaches, anxiety from traveling, tummy pain, sleeping- they are my go to anytime I need to re-set my mind. Lets face it oils have been used for centuries as medicinal properties, so why not get back to the root of healing.


Doterra Breathe


2. Pillows: If you’re home find a spot in your house where you can collect your favorite pillows and use those as your cushion haven. Snuggle in sitting legs crossed or on your back(or however you are comfortable) & begin to direct your mind to a place that gives you relaxation and ease. When I travel my hotel bed becomes my spot or a chair by a window. Turn off the TV, put on a song or relaxing meditation music and float away.


3. Playlist: On my phone I have a ton of playlists…workout, dance, mellow vibes, spa music and my meditation mix. So no matter where I am…at work, on a plane, the car, the grocery store I can pop in my ear buds and instantly be somewhere else…What’s special is you can customize your own meditation story, for no one else to appreciate but yourself!

4. Tea: There are so many tea’s out there to calm and re-center your mind. Always have a few of your favorite tea bags with you when you travel or at work. And enjoy the ritual of drinking tea, they all have sensory aromas in them…take a deep breath and enjoy!


5: Your sacred item: For some this could be a prayer stone, a crystal, a piece of jewelry or for me….a scarf. I love to have a piece of fabric for when I make contact it transports me to a space of relaxation, safety, warmth and home. This is very personal so only you know what that item is. It could be a picture as well you carry with you. Your favorite location, a person in your life, a saying….again this is something only you know its worth.

You can choose one of these items or combine them all and have the ultimate meditation experience…no excuses…we put our bodies, our mind and spirit through so much everyday- our body deserves at least 5 minutes for itself….HAPPY MEDITATING!

Share your meditation tips #VineandOakTribe

San Francisco in 1 day


Where do you begin when there’s so much to see with such little time to explore? To me my YOLO spirit kicks in and there’s nothing stopping me from making the most of every minute in the day…sleep on the plane or in the car(if you’re not driving) because Im about to send you on my whirlwind day trip to get the best taste of San Francisco!

Im so blessed to have visited San Francisco so many times, from family adventures, working Super Bowl and NBA Finals as a Makeup Artist. This is my favorite city and has way more to offer than city vibes, you just have to venture across the bridge…

Before you grab a coffee and suit up in your favorite Golden State Warriors gear make sure you follow these helpful tips to ensure your day in the city goes as smooth as possible:

1.) Download your Uber App on your phone to navigate through the city

2.)Pack light! Phone, Phone Charger, Credit Cards, Cash, Travel Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion and a scarf( yup, depending on what time of year you go, the fog in the am and towards late afternoon can roll in and change the temp).

3). Comfy shoes, be prepared to WALK! You will have buns of steel if you decide to conquer the streets of San Francisco and may be ready to book a massage the day after!

You ARE READY so get a good nights sleep and set your clock for an early rise….

7AM Coffee, Avocado toast(so cali) and Eggs- you get the hint, eat a good breakfast! One of my favorite joints is Cafe Bellini on Powell Street

8AM Cable Car at Powell & Market...on your way there you can hop on/and off so you can catch Iconic Lombard Street


8:30am- 130PM Walk or Uber from  Hyde Street to  FREE Bikes , Best Bike rental to explore the wharf, bay trails and the bridge ( If biking is not for you, no worries, Uber will be your best friend)

For you up for the challenge here’s a sample map; starting at Free Bikes and Ending at Sports Basement to drop off your Bike.


OR You can Uber down to Fishermans Wharf for lots of touristy shopping, food and souvenirs… My fav places down by the wharf Blue Mermaid, great for Breakfast and have the best Clam Chowder served in a Sourdough Bowl. And if you need a little extra “sugar” in your Coffee, make sure to Visit San Francisco’s Historic The Buena Vista for their Iconic Irish Coffee….


Destination to do List:

Fisherman’s Wharf

Chrissy Field

Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center

Walk Across the Bridge(1.7 miles across one way)

Marin Headlands Lookout point(Battery Spencer)1 mile from Vista Point to Lookout

**YOLO Moment take a Uber from Battery Spencer up the headlands towards field Rd/lighthouse to the most amazing, epic, breathtaking views of the pacific ocean, Bridge and City. Kirby Cove(black sand beach and amazing private views of the Bridge) 3.3 miles from Bridge to Beach

2pm-Im sure you’re starved at this point after all your adventuring…time to feast at one of my favorite Pizza places ever! Welcome to Pizzeria Delfina


make sure you order the Burrata its heaven! If the lines are too long at Delfina because they are a local love, venture across the street to Taco Bar & satisfy your sweet tooth with a Pink Champagne Cupcake at Sift

3:30pm-FULLHOUSE Alert…IF you are a Full House fan than you might have to pay a visit and have a DJ Tanner moment at Alamo Square across the street from The Painted Ladies

OR you can skip & head to Alcatraz Cruises

NOTE the last Night Tour leaves the dock at 4:45, PLEASE buy tickets ahead of time, it will sell out!

4:45-7pm Alcatraz Night Tour….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you can check out Sunset by the Lighthouse in Alcatraz, if its a clear night the views of the city and Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset are AMAZING!!!

7:30pm Late Dinner, Decompress, drink lots of Vino and get ready for the best sleep of your life because you have been busy!!!

Some of my favorite Dinner options(make sure to make reservations):

Seven Hills, Scomas, Gary Danko ALSO Check out other SF Eats on E is for EAT  + THRILLIST

OK….are you alive after your day of adventure? Yes, there are still are so many destinations in San Francisco you can visit, Fine Art Museum, Coit Tower, China Town(the best China Towns in any city), Golden State Park, Bakers Beach, Japanese Tea Garden…the list goes on…However, this is why I love San Francisco! You get the vibe of the city and hop in an Uber and 10min later be in complete, serene nature….San Francisco is truly a depiction of why the WEST COAST is the BEST COAST!!!

Share your San Francisco Moments with us and #VineandOakTribe …love to see SF through the eyes of ya’ll!